Painting Kitchen Cabinets
    This was a top end kitchen that was in good condition but looked very shabby, it had faded badly form the sun and general wear and tear. It took the right primer, 3 coats paint and it was like a new kitchen – the client was amazed at how good it looked! For a free
    Georgian Door Painting
    This was a solicitors office in Dublin 4 – the door was not too bad but the surround and the exterior basement walls were in very bad condition. We scraped and sanded the walls as much as possible then treated them with a stabilizing solution before applying two coats of a good masonry paint to
    Painting of Kitchen Cabinets
      This was a melamine kitchen, the type found in the average home, it was not in bad condition but it was quite dated. The space was also limited so the use of light and bright colours opened up the room and made it appear larger. A whole new kitchen for a fraction of the
    Painting Wooden Ceilings
    Painting of Tongue and Groove ceilings and cladding It makes a huge difference to the feeling of room etc. as it really opens up a room or hall way, it’s amazing how much brighter it becomes. In order for this to be done and look its best you need to apply 4 coats of paint
    Painting old fashioned wardrobes
    Its often tempting to rip out old fashioned wardrobes when you are re-modeling your room. With the correct treatment, paint job and new door handles you can transform your wardrobes at a minimal expense!   Click to see bigger image Call us for a free quote: 086 820 1062 or email:  
    House Painting Dublin
    House Painting service in Dublin. A fresh coat of paint for doors and windows. Fresh paint work on windows and doors of house in Dublin.We provide a full house painting service for both the interior and exterior of your home.  Click to see bigger image
    Painting Rational Windows
    Rational windows – finished in Sikkens varnish (recommended) A smooth high quality finish on Rational windows using Sikkens varnish, long lasting for beautiful window frames all year round.
    Painting Exterior Dashed Walls
     This house had not been painted in over 20 years and the dashing had never been painted. The client was going to have the front door replaced and it was working out very expensive. We advised him that we could make it look great again for a fraction of the cost of replacement and when
    Patterned wallpapered feature walls
    Wallpapering your room can be a tricky business… especially when you are dealing with a patterned wallpaper. We make sure that your wallpaper is flawlessly applied so you can enjoy a stunning new room without the hassle! Click to see bigger image Call us for a free quote: 086 820 1062 or email:    
    Varnishing door
    This door was in bad condition and had a dark stain on it. The client wanted it to be as light in colour as posable, so i had to strip the old stain, varnish off and re-coat with a clear varnish.   Click to see bigger image Call us for a free quote: 086 820